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Terms of Service

For care of your precious cat, the owner (hereinafter referred to as "client") must follow these rules when using "Georgina Meow" (hereinafter referred to as "sitter") services.
Please kindly acknowledge these rules.


1. Emergency cases

We will contact the client promptly, but depending on the urgency, we prioritize the situation and contact afterward.

The client must pay all costs incurred in an emergency.

For emergency cases, if the sitter is detained for more than the specified time, an extension fee may be charged, and if transportation is involved, the cost of transportation may be charged.


2. Disclaimer

We take all possible measures to care for your cat. Still, in any case, damages due to force majeure, compensation for the living body (all matters related to the living body such as illness, injury, accident, escape, death), consolation Please note that we cannot accept any fees.


3. About your pet health

The sitter will ask about your cat's health at the time of the meeting before taking the visit. Please be sure to let us know even minor matters.


4.  Regarding house keys

(1) Please note that we are not responsible for any loss other than the direct receipt and return. In addition, please note that in any case, we cannot extend the care period after returning the house key.

(2) In the unlikely event that the visit is difficult due to disasters or the conditions are dangerous to travel to your home, as soon as the disaster subsides, we will go to your home by all means possible. Please understand that if roads are blocked or transportation is not available in extreme cases, visits could be delayed.

In addition, if a disaster or a giant earthquake occurs during a visit and your home is not safe, we may evacuate with your cat.


5. About personal information

(1) The sitter will use the client's personal information at the time of reservation strictly for communications. At that time, we take great care and handle it by the Personal Information Protection Law. * Please check the privacy policy for details.

(2) In the event of an emergency, the sitter may inform the client's personal information to another sitter to carry out a scheduled cat sitting visit.


6. Cases we may refuse our services:

Please note that we cannot provide cat sitting services to the following:

* Those who cannot sign the contract created by the sitter

* Those who cannot have an advance meeting for the initial visit.

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