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What we do when we cat sit

One visit will be from 45 minutes to 1 hour



We check how much food is leftover from the previous visit, clean the food bowls, give fresh water, prepare their food, and feed.


Litter Boxes

We clean the litter boxes, change the kitty litter if necessary and check the contents.



We brush, play, and communicate while observing how your cat is feeling.


At the end of the visit, we use LINE or emails with photos with a daily report.

*Please let us know if there are any specific requests for each visit.

*For emergencies, we may consult a veterinary clinic, and if medical attention is necessary, take your cat to the vet. Any vet fees or transportation fees will be billed to you,

​User Guide

We care for your cat at your home.

①  Application

When you decide to travel or need a sitter, please read the disclaimer carefully and apply with this form.

* If you are a new customer, please apply at least three days in advance as we will have a meeting in advance.

②  (For first-timers) Meeting / Key collection

For the first time, the sitter will visit your house for a 30 minute meeting.

We will ask you in detail about the cat's personality and traits, the amount of food, how to clean the toilet, and any other instructions.


We will come to pick up the key the second time unless other instructions are available.

If there are no particular changes from the last time, it will take about 10 minutes.


* Items to prepare

・ Spare key

・ Writing utensils

・ Sitting fee (we will inform you at the time of Application)

③  Contract/start of sitting

If you agree to the contents in ②, please sign the contract.

After that, we will visit your home for the specified contract period and take care of your cat(s).

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