Q) My cat is timid. Is it possible to feed and clean the litter box without much interaction with the cat?

A) Of course, we will cat sit according to your cat's needs. We have a meeting in advance to provide the most appropriate care.


Q) Can you feed the strays outside in addition to my cats in the house?


A) Yes. In this case, we will feed outdoor cats at no additional charge. If you request outdoor cats only, we have a discounted rate.

Please refer to the "Price" page for details.



Q) I plan to go on a long trip; what is the maximum cat sitting period available?


A) Although our cat sitting helps cats from being bored or lonely, staying home alone for long periods could cause anxiety and stress. In principle, we suggest less than a month for each cat sitting period.

Please let us know when there are unavoidable circumstances.



Q) Is it possible to take care of my cat twice a day?


A) Yes, it is possible. Please note the fee will be x 2.


Q) Is it possible to specify the time of visit?


A) Please let us know at the time of the meeting. We will do our best to accommodate time specifications. However, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and peak seasons, the times will be approximate.